Our Featured Stories!

A Story from Boston Common

I love the Common and my boyfriend knew that. I love the way the squirrels hung around and how
easy it was for me to relax there. Then my boyfriend took me there on a really stressful day and
proposed. I was shocked.

A Story for the Prudential Center

No one seems to care about each other anymore so I made a group in college where people could
finally look at each other and learn to be kind. I mastered the art of avoiding eye contact so I wasn't
one to talk but I wish other people could communicate better. At the first day of the club, my best
friend had to introduce me to the club because I was too nervous.

A Story from the Museum of Fine Arts


I lost my shoes there. My little cousin was trying to run away from his mom all day so I
decided to take off my shoes so I could follow him. Then I caught him but there was a guard near my
shoes so I never went back for them. Someone needs to mop more at this place. My feet were pitch
black after.